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Distinct similarities in a web page and a web application is that the web application has a similar functionality to a standalone software application, with a support to be loaded as a web page, possessing a specific desired functionality along with the functionality to store data locally and online but function in the same way in both the cases. The code on the server and the code on the client is usually shared between to maintain the application processing load In other words, an application and its own pre-compiled client program serves as its user interface.


Web Application Development?

Categorically a web application is a client server program that the user runs in a web browser which includes webmail, online retail sales, online banking, and online auctions.

So any upgrading of any of the segment requires an obvious upgrading of the other. Nevertheless the components of both the ends are bound together to a specific architecture and a common operating system. Most of the web applications make use of web documents that are written in a standard format such as HTML and JavaScript that are compatible by most of the browsers. And these are considered as a specific alternative of client server software where the client software is downloaded to the client machine when visiting the relevant web page, using standard procedures such as HTTP and installed as a standalone application.

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Our web developers analyse your business and its needs, listen to what kind of application you intend to have and suggest the best solution and the other supportive features that would come along making the application function well, and be user-friendly. Combining both form and function in all our projects, so that the users can easily navigate and carryout the desired functions with the web application, improving productivity.

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We maintain the client relationships to the best possible extent by extending prompt and sincere aftersales maintenance services. We undertake comprehensive training programs to keep our esteemed clientele updated as well.

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Our web applications do not come alone they are coupled along with the most needed application support too. Our support services include personal visits, calling on us, telephonic support, mail support and chat support. For any kinds of after sales support we are just a phone call away or just a click away and our technical helpdesk will surely be glad to extend the needed support.

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Web Application Development?

Web application development is the procedure of emergent web applications involving extensions of customary software engineering processes with unique characteristics and frameworks and a business-oriented approach to a specific product development. Web application development has several characteristics that have to be addressed which include life-cycle times, models, multi-disciplinary development teams, business analysis and evaluation pertaining to specific requirements.

Certain projects call for extreme levels of security pertaining to software bugs etc. Precise test planning, change of control requirements analysis, architectural description and formal design and construction practices can reduce the levels of risk. Web applications undergo the unit, integration and system testing which involve determination of the application’s working, identification of errors that need correction and so on. The analysis of web applications, however, has some special characteristics, making it a little different from checks implemented for software testing. The reason being that the web applications will usually have a large volume of information and the amount of inconsistencies will also be equally on the higher side these tests are conducted. Testing therefore, involves more complex process such as the inclusion of operational analysis for each layer or configuration.

Structure of a web application can be defined as logical chunks called tiers, where every tier is assigned a role. Web applications lend themselves to an n-tiered approach by nature the most common structure being is the three-tiered application. Applications developed by Xsosys undergo stringent testing processes before deployment so that the end user has a hassle free operation. Xsosys has a credit of developing a wide range of web applications that have demonstrated exceptional level of utilities in a wide range of areas and sections of the industry.

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