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What is Mobile Application Development?

The process by which a mobile app is developed specifically for mobile devices, like personal digital assistants, mobile phones and other hand held devices are called mobile applications. Such applications can either be installed at the manufacturing level along with the operating system or can be installed after being launched, as standalone products. Constraints and contexts such as screen, input, and mobility are taken up as the basic outlines for design of such applications. The policy administrations desired to advance, deploy and manage mobile apps are prepared from many constituents and implements allowing the developer to write, test and position applications into the objective settings.


Mobile applications are generally developed considering their target platforms. However there are certain mobile applications that are designed to perform on multiple operating systems or platforms which are known as cross platform applications.

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Mobile Technologies

Owing to the fact that the use of mobiles and hand held devices are becoming more and more popular and extensively used, Mobile app development is becoming more critical for many businesses. As mobile app development is becoming more critical for many businesses with a significant number of people using smartphones, tablet PC, we at Xsosys contemplate a number functional specifications and configurations.

However the criteria for selecting a development platform usually contain the target mobile platform, existing infrastructure and development skills. Cross-platform environments are usable across multiple platforms, like android, IOS and blackberry, leveraging a native container using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the user interface.

Android development occurs in the Eclipse IDE using Android Developer Tools (ADT) plugins, Apple iOS development is done using Xcode IDE with Objective-C and/or Swift, Windows and BlackBerry each have their own development environments.

Mobile applications that are developed are first tested using emulators to get a brief idea and at a later period are tested on real time. Front-end development tools are focused on the user interface and user experience and provide UI design tools, SDKs to access device features, criteria for selecting a development platform usually comprise of the testing environments needed for the running of the app. Generally composed of two parts a mobile middleware server and a mobile client application the middleware server handles all system integrations, the middleware server just manages data from the back-end system to the mobile device and back. Therefore the mobile applications are those that connect to the middleware server and drive both the user interface and the business logic on the device.

Project Approved

This is the initial or the first step of the project development. The vendor submits the quote along with the blue print of the proposed project. The client then gives out his consent on the proposal in writing which is considered as a green signal to carry out the project.

Analysis And Design

This is the initial phase of the application development. The project is first analysed and a through design of the app is made along with the features that are to be integrated into it.

Development and Implementation

The actual developing of the app starts in this phase. Once the application is developed it is then forwarded to the testing where the application is tested thoroughly considering certain parameters to ascertain its proper functionality.

Mock Up

The developed application is then subjected to a mock use so that the application’s performance in real time can be found out and in case any fine tuning is required such modifications can be carried out.

Project Build

The tested application is assigned the build or the version number and other developer details are consigned.

System Build

In this phase the tested application which is assigned the build or the version number and other developer details, is certified to function with the particular system of a designated build.


This is the stage where the application is credited with the user approval for its use. Once this stage is successfully achieved it means that the approved application is fit to be distributed or uploaded onto its designated platform app store.

Go Live

This is the final stage where the application is deployed for further usage by the target audience.

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