Xsosys technology has the honour of developing a web application forth is esteemed client which has no doubt been a wonderful experience.

28 June, 2011

BENG-BENG ELECTRICALS - Undertaking a project for a 37 year old company brought a sense of self-satisfaction to Xsosys technology during and after the successful completion of the project. Beng-Beng Electrical Pte Ltd IS a one stop solution for M&E installation services based on customer requirements. With over 37 years of experience, Beng-Beng Electrical Pte Ltd has established itself as a reputable and reliable Electrical, ELV contractor and Integrated M&E solution provider.

Beng-Beng Electrical Pte Ltd has a reputation of providing numerous integrated M & E installations for high esteem clients like Data Centres, Modern Offices, Industries, Commercial centres, Bio polis, Restaurants, Central Kitchens, Food Courts, Retail outlets, Pubs, Bars, Hotels and much more.